Viewray: MRI-Guided Radiotherapy pioneer, Amsterdam UMC, begins First Clinical Treatments with its Second ViewRay MRIdian Linac System

Date: Tuesday, 5 February 2019

De Ceunynck Radiotherapy announced today that Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc, has started treating patients with their second MR-guided radiotherapy system, the ViewRay MRIdian® Linac. Amsterdam UMC is the first European cancer centre to offer radiation therapy with two ViewRay MRIdian® Linac systems, furthering its leadership role in MR-guided radiation therapy.

Amsterdam UMC has played a vital role in the development of MR-guided radiotherapy, using Stereotactic MR-guided Adaptive Radiation Therapy (SMART). The first cancer patients in Europe to receive MR-guided radiation therapy, with daily on-table adaptation and fully automated tumor tracking and gating, were treated here. Over 500 patients have already been treated using this technique at Amsterdam UMC.

Unlike conventional radiotherapy, ViewRay MRIdian® Linac technology uses high-definition MR soft-tissue imaging to visualize and track the detailed contours of the tumor and adjacent healthy tissues. The enhanced visibility allows clinicians to quickly and dynamically adjust the prescribed radiation dose distribution when the tumor moves during the course of treatment. The combined capabilities provide clinicians with the tools to improve targeting precision and thus deliver higher and potentially more effective radiation doses, while simultaneously minimizing incidental radiation exposure to surrounding organs.

“Having experienced first-hand the clinical benefits of real-time MR guidance and adaptive treatment delivery, we felt a second MRIdian Linac system was necessary in order to deliver the precision that we now know is possible in radiation therapy,” said Ben J. Slotman, M.D., Ph.D., professor and chairman of Radiation Oncology at Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc. “MRIdian effectively addresses many of the challenges we faced in radiation oncology, including day-to-day anatomical changes that occur throughout the course of treatment.” “With MRIdian, we run daily MR scans to detect subtle anatomical changes, then adapt each day’s treatment based on the precise shape and location of the tumor and surrounding organs, ” said Dr. Slotman. “All of this occurs in minutes, while the patient is in the treatment position. This is a fundamental improvement over the way radiation therapy has historically been delivered.” According to Dr. Jef Van Dam, CEO of De Ceunynck Radiotherapy, “The utilization of a second MRIdian systems emphasizes Amsterdam UMC’s strong leadership role in the delivery of Stereotactic MR-guided on-table Adaptive Radiation Therapy (SMART). It also emphasizes the system’s accuracy and effectiveness in delivering MR-guided on-table Adaptive Radiotherapy. The ViewRay MRIdian is a paradigm change in the way radiation is delivered. We are convinced the benefits of MR-guided on-table Adaptive Radiotherapy are clear and more and more departments will embrace this new technology so more patients can benefit from this ground-breaking technology”