Viewray: De Ceunynck Radiotherapy exclusive BeNeLux distributor for IQM (Intergral Quality Monitor).

Date: Friday, 1 December 2017

We at De Ceunynck Radiotherapy are proud to announce that we have been selected as exclusive BeNeLux distributor for IQM (Intergral Quality Monitor). IQM defines the next generation of Quality Assurance in Radiation Therapy. It makes real-time treatment verification during patient treatment easy. Designed as an independent QA tool, IQM seamlessly integrates into your clinical workflow. It is a fully automated end-to end verification process: - Minimizing QA time - Automate QA Workflow - Improving verification Efficiancy - Reducing complexity - Better Clinical Outcomes

Clinical advantages of the Integral Quality Monitor System: The Integral Quality Monitor (IQM) System is completely integrated into the clinical workflow of the modern radiation therapy department. It is the first system on the market able to measure the accuracy of the treatment beam in real-time during the actual patient treatment. The new, patented detector technology measures the treatment beam with unrivalled precision, ensuring that your patients receive the treatment dose as prescribed. IQM is also the first system in the market that monitors the accuracy of the treatment delivery fully automatically without ANY user interaction. Simply attach the detector in the morning. Press the ON button and everything else works as an automated background process.

Treatment has never been safer, Verification has never been easier! Have a look at :

If you want more detailed information or a demonstration, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Bert Noordkamp