MRI Solutions

The implementation of MR to radiation therapy is driven by the enhanced soft tissue contrast MRI offers for treatment planning when compared with images acquired with CT scanners. MRI offers excellent soft-tissue contrast without dose, making it ideal for tumor definition, visualization of lesions, and target delineation compared with CT planning alone.

Qfix® MRI patient positioning solutions help make high quality MR in RT possible. To help ensure accurate and reproducible patient positioning, Patients can be immobilized with thermoplastic masks and other MR compatible devices to support SRS, SBRT, breast and other treatments. The Qfix® MRI suite of patient positioning solutions are imaging and treatment compatible which assures that imaging is performed in exactly the same position as for simulation and treatment, supporting geometric accuracy.


Simplicity and versatility working together At just 5.4kg (12 lbs), the Alta™ Multipurpose device is lightweight and therapist-friendly. Using Alta with compatible accessories facilitates device consolidation for patient positioning during radiotherapy. The Alta spine area is clear and free of any objects and features a homogeneous platform for precise dose delivery, including hypofractionated treatments.

InfinityEdge™ & InfinityLock™ Alta Multipurpose Device provides a versatile platform that features the InfinityEdge™ for quick attachment of InfinityLock™ positioning accessories to streamline radiotherapy MR and CT imaging and treatment workflows.

Alta Solutions-angled.png

Encompass™ 15-Channel Head Coil

Optimized for use with the Encompass™ MR SRS Immobilization System

The Encompass™ 15-Channel Head Coil is specially designed to accommodate the high precision positioning unique to the Encompass™ MR SRS Immobilization System.

Immobilization in the Encompass™ SRS System offers motion reduction for increased visualization of fine details, reducing the need for repeated scans. MR images obtained with the Encompass™ SRS System can be used for SRS treatment planning, including MR-Only and MR Fusion Techniques. RT-5200-01 Encompass Coil.png

ZiFix Traverse™

ZiFix Traverse is designed to reliably index and maintain pressure to supress tumor and organ motion for imaging and radiotherapy treatments. It features an anatomically shaped compression paddle to induce shallow breathing and improve patient comfort and compliance, which potentially leads to better patient outcomes.

Benefits: - Low profile compression for most imaging and treatment systems - Indexes to edges of compatible devices - Immobilizes patient during imaging and treatment - Minimizes potential for collisions and interference when compared to compression bridge - Low attenuation

ZiFix Traverse on Alta_1.png

FlexLock™ Knee and Foot Supports

The sophisticated functionality of the FlexLock™ Knee and Foot Supports provide customizable indexing options for positioning the lower abdomen, pelvis, and lower extremities. These versatile supports index directly to MRI, CT, and treatment couch tops with standard two-pin locating bars and allow natural, comfortable positioning of the legs and feet.

Features: • Ergonomically designed for patient comfort while maintaining reproducible positioning • Optional Clip-on leg and foot straps for added immobilization • Highly durable and easy to clean

Knee and Foot-Together_0.png

Encompass™ SRS MR Immobilization Device

The revolutionary Encompass™ SRS MRI Immobilization System is a highly advanced, non-invasive solution that allows for high-precision, sub-milimeter accuracy and immobilization for stereotactic radiosurgery treatments. The innovative Integrated Shim System™ provides a 4 mm range of height adjustment utilizing discrete 0.5 mm increments to optimize immobilization.


MR SRS Adapter for Portrait & S-Type Devices

The Qfix MR SRS Adapter allows for the treatment of multiple lesions with a single isocenter when combined with Encompass™ SRS Fibreplast® Masks. This complete SRS solution enables sub-millimetric positioning on the MR Portrait™ and other S-type devices.

MR has become a significant part of radiotherapy treatment planning because it provides superior soft-tissue contrast while avoiding ionizing radiation. Using the Encompass SRS Fibreplast Mask System to immobilize the patient during MR imaging, motion-related distortions are reduced and the patient is able to be simulated in the same position as that of treatment. Our MR SRS solution offers the benefits of incorporating MR imaging with the convenience of a more streamlined workflow. Contact us to learn more.

RT-4600-04 MR SRS Adapter_3.png

Portrait™ MR Intracranial, Head & Neck Device

The lightweight Portrait™ MR Intracranial, Head and Neck Device provides superior immobilization for a variety of brain, head and neck radiotherapy treatments.

The Portrait™ MR Intracranial, Head & Neck Device and Portrait S-Frame Thermoplastic Masks enable radiotherapy treatment with confidence, providing a high level of stability by limiting patient motion and reducing the probability of positioning error.

RT-4552MRI Portrait w Hexapod-web_1.png

AccuFix™ MR Head & Neck Device

AccuFix™ MR Head & Neck device seamlessly integrates shoulder depression. Prior to the development of the AccuFix™ Cantilever Board, therapists tried to depress the patient’s shoulders with ropes or straps by using large, costly pieces of thermoplastic. The cantilever design allows for full 360-degree treatment with minimal attenuation.



The ZiFix™ Abdominal/Thoracic Motion Control System provides abdominal compression to induce shallow breathing for managing internal motion due to respiration. The system features an anatomically shaped compression paddle for patient comfort and improved patient compliance, potentially leading to better patient outcomes. The ZiFix™ Abdominal/Thoracic Motion Control System is suitable for a range of treatment angles and setups.


Compatible with CT and MRI environments up to 3T Suppresses motion of lungs and liver for imaging and radiotherapy Provides positional consistency between imaging, simulation, and treatment Can be used as a Standalone unit or with other SBRT products (DoseMax™, Stradivarius™ and VacQfix™ Cushions)

RT-4558CB02 ZiFix_1.png

BoS™ MR Headframe

The BoS Headframe is specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of proton therapy for patient immobilization and beam transmission. The BoS™ MR Headframe is engineered to rigidly support the patient without using a flat base that blocks the use of important proton beam angles.


Access™ Supine MR Breast & Lung Treatment Device

The Access™ Supine MR Breast & Lung Treatment Device is CT compatible and MR safe for enhanced imaging as well as treatment - all in one lightweight device. This device was designed for ease of use and to maximize patient comfort.

RT-4546MRI  Supine MR-website_0.png

ArmShuttle™ Elite

The lightweight ArmShuttle™ Elite has an ergonomic design for patient comfort and support. Multiple head rest positions allow for additional head and arm positioning flexibility. The MR Safe and CT compatible ArmShuttle™ Elite is indexable for enhanced reproducibility from imaging through treatment. It easily attaches to the Access™ Supine Breast Device, Stradivarius™ SBRT system and a number of our other devices.

ArmShuttle Elite-625.png

Access™ Prone G2 Breast Device

The Access™ Prone G2 Breast Device is CT compatible and MR safe to guide patients seamlessly from simulation through treatment. Foam padding increases patient comfort and a removable insert can be positioned for either left or right breast treatment.

CT & MR Simulation

  • Device allows seamless transition from simulation through treatment
  • Incremental 2.5 cm shims allow variable device height for patient setups


  • Ipsilateral scale provides an additional point of reference for laser alignment
  • Knee alignment marks aid in daily patient set-up

Additional Attributes

  • Designed for patient comfort
  • Internal hand grip accessory compartments for easy, convenient storage
  • Easy set-up for workflow efficiency



INSIGHT™ Overlay and Coil Holders are designed to enable MR imaging in the same position as treatment. This supports MR / CT fusion techniques as well as MR only. The Insight MR Overlay features Varian Exact® Indexing notches every 70 millimeters, allowing patient setups to be seamlessly reproduced in various imaging table tops and treatment couch tops.

INSIGHT™ MR Overlay mounts to compatible Siemens® MAGNETOM® Aera®, Skyra®, Vida® and Sola® table tops allowing the use of MR compatible patient positioning devices during MR scanning for radiotherapy. The Insight™ MRI Overlay is compatible with Portrait™ head only S-frame thermoplastic masks.

INSIGHT™ MR Coil Holders are intended to position body and head coils allowing the patient to undergo imaging in the same position as that of the treatment position. Coil holders are available for Siemens® MAGNETOM® Aera®, Skyra®, Vida® and Sola® scanners using the Flex 4, Body 6, and Body 18 coils.

All INSIGHT Parts-625.png

SofTouch™ Elite Bellyboard

The SofTouch™ Elite Bellyboard is an adjustable stabilization platform designed to position the lower bowel away from the treatment field during prostate radiotherapy. The removable caudal cushion and separate belly support cushion allow for custom patient setup. The SofTouch™ Elite Bellyboard's unique semi-firm radiolucent foam provides precise, repeatable positioning and is contoured to relieve pressure point stress and improve patient comfort. Multiple cushion configurations provide optimal placement of both external and internal anatomy for improved clinical outcomes.

elite bellyboard.png

SofTouch™ Knee Wedges & Foot Block

The SofTouch™ Knee Wedge & Foot Block are designed to provide precise, repeatable positioning and are contoured to relieve pressure point stress and improve patient comfort. They are lightweight and easy to clean.

knee wedges & foot block.png

SofTouch™ Couch Top Pad

SofTouch™ Couch Top Pads are supportive and comfortable for patients during a variety of radiotherapy procedures. Foam products will vary in size due to manufacturing, storage, and use conditions. They are intended for patient comfort purposes only. Dimensions are for reference only.

couch top pad.png

VacQfix™ Vacuum Cushions

VacQfix™ Vacuum cushions are custom formed for patient comfort and positioning accuracy, becoming rigid when vacuum is applied. They can be easily cleaned and reused after each course of treatment. Our fine denier fabric and small-diameter foam-bead fill combine to increase conformity and reproducibility.

Unlike other systems, our unique SingleStep™ Valve does not require a secondary cap to ensure leak-free operation.

vacuum cushions.png

Polycarbonate Headboard

The Polycarbonate Headboard provides a stable platform for head and neck patient positioning using U-Frame thermoplastic masks. It can also be used as the top plate on the Tilt-Pro™ Tilting Base and AccuFix™ for additional head and neck treatment options. The Polycarbonate Headboard has low attenuation and is completely free of any metal for enhanced imaging and treatment.

polycarbonate headboard.png

Suremark™ Liquimark

A line of fiducial markers for MRI that visually promote healing, while keeping your budget in line. LiquiMark markers are non-metallic, latex-free, and perform consistently and accurately in a variety of applications.

suremark liquimark.png

MR Safe Locating Bar

MR Safe, two pin locating bars are used on MR Tables and Treatment Couch Tops to index standalone positioning and immobilization accessories.

MR Safe locating bar.png