Zap-X: ZAPSurgical exhibiting at SNO 2019 Annual Meeting

Date: Tuesday, 15 October 2019

ZAPSurgical ( will be exhibiting at this year’s SNO meeting, Nov 22-24 in Phoenix, AZ.

ZAPSurgical, founded by Prof. John Adler (inventor of the Cyberknife) brings you the ZAP-X: GYROSCOPIC RADIOSURGERY™ FOR THE BRAIN. ZAP-X is what’s next in non-invasive cancer treatment. It enables neurosurgeons and radiation oncologists to change precision radiation for the better. Designed exclusively for the streamlined treatment of brain tumors and conditions of the head and neck, ZAP-X redefines the future of radiosurgery. The ZAP-X® platform opens new frontiers in modern radiosurgery. Combining self-shielding technology (no expensive vault needed) with high dose rate linear-accelerator delivery (no Co-60 replacement needed).

ZAPSurgical will be hosting a 1 hour lunchtime symposium “SRS Without the Bunker: Initial Clinical Experience with ZAP-X”. Later that same afternoon, a Barrow reception and ZAP-X platform tour. If you want to sign up for this tour or want more information then please contact us.