Qfix® provides state-of-the-art patient positioning and immobilization devices to optimize patient outcomes. The Qfix kVue™ IGRT Couch Top design allows customization for individual patient needs through the most advanced array of treatment solutions for head and neck, breast, lung, prostate and other disease sites. Combined with our proprietary Aquaplast RT™ and Fibreplast® thermoplastics, Qfix delivers the most comprehensive radiotherapy treatment solutions available. At Qfix, our passion is positioning patients for life.

MRI Solutions

The implementation of MR to radiation therapy is driven by the enhanced soft tissue contrast MRI offers for treatment planning when compared with images acquired with CT scanners. MRI offers excellent soft-tissue contrast without dose, making it ideal for tumor definition, visualization of lesions, and target delineation compared with CT planning alone.

Qfix® MRI patient positioning solutions help make high quality MR in RT possible. To help ensure accurate and reproducible patient positioning, Patients can be immobilized with thermoplastic masks and other MR compatible devices to support SRS, SBRT, breast and other treatments. The Qfix® MRI suite of patient positioning solutions are imaging and treatment compatible which assures that imaging is performed in exactly the same position as for simulation and treatment, supporting geometric accuracy.

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Couch Tops

The revolutionary kVue™ IGRT Couch top enables an array of inserts for multiple treatment solutions to be quickly interchanged to speed throughput from simulation through treatment. We also offer a variety of CT overlay solutions.

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SRS Immobilization

The Encompass™ SRS Immobilization System is a highly advanced, non-invasive immobilization solution designed for stereotactic radiosurgery treatments. The clinical objective is to achieve submillimeter immobilization to precisely treat multiple lesions with a single isocenter. Encompass™ utilizes a posterior thermoplastic and anterior open view mask compatible with optical tracking systems. The Encompass™ SRS Fibreplast® Variable Perf™ System features IntegraBite™, which reduces motion, allowing for maximum dose to the tumor while minimizing radiation delivered to the surrounding healthy tissue. The innovative Integrated Shim System™ provides a 4 mm range of height adjustment utilizing discrete 0.5 mm increments to optimize immobilization. The Encompass™ SRS Immobilization System is designed to optimize workflow efficiencies, increase patient throughput and improve patient outcomes.

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Thermoplastic Solutions

For over 40 years, we've manufactured our own thermoplastics. This guarantees the highest levels of process control ensuring that our customers receive the most reliable products.

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Patient Transfer Solution

Position your patient once and go from one modality to the next without having to perform additional setups.

A Symphony solution combines an AirShuttle positioning & transfer device with an AirDrive system to provide smooth patient transfers for imaging and treatment applications. AirShuttles and AirDrives can be used in imaging modalities including CT, X-Ray, ultrasound, fluoroscopy, MRI (up to 3 Tesla), and radiation therapy treatment environments including brachytherapy.

  • Safely transfer your patient with minimal clinical staff
  • Transfer on and off a wide variety of surfaces including sheet-covered pads and mattresses • Patient positioning can include immobilization, where required
  • Suitable for use in MRI

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