True Image Guided Radiation Therapy

Until now, radiation oncologists have not been equipped with the full set of tools they need to track and adapt to the movement of a patient’s internal anatomy during treatments.

With other radiation therapy technologies, imaging can only take place before or after the treatment. At the moment of treatment, while the beam is on, clinicians cannot see exactly where the therapy target is located inside a patient’s body. Treatment plans can be very precise, but they're based on images captured minutes, days, even weeks before the treatment. Study after study has shown that soft-tissue motion can shift the positions of the tumor and nearby organs, creating the possibility that the beam will miss the tumor's edges or unnecessarily irradiate healthy tissue.

Using a unique combination of MR imaging and radiation therapy delivery technologies, the MRIdian Linac system provides continuous soft-tissue imaging while the treatment beam is on—along with the tools to refine the target and reoptimize the dose while the patient is on the treatment table.

The MRIdian Linac system gives clinicians a fresh approach to observing, assessing, and personalizing a patient’s treatment.

To adapt to changing anatomy, first you have to see it

  • Pretreatment imaging — High-quality, volumetric soft-tissue imaging for accurate pretreatment positioning.
  • On-table dose prediction and adaptive optimization — Accurate dose prediction for on-table quality assurance and plan adaptation.
  • Treatment — Continuous, MRI-guided soft-tissue tracking and automatic beam control during treatments.
  • Review and assessment — Software tools that help physicians better understand and manage the progress of treatment.

Clinical info

A complete MRI-Guided Radiation Therapy System

Main components of the MRIdian Linac system:

  • A rotating gantry assembly with linac and multileaf collimator.
  • A split-magnet MRI system for volumetric and multiplanar soft-tissue imaging.
  • Integrated treatment planning and delivery software for creating treatment plans and managing the treatment delivery process.

Technical info

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