Viewray: Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussels, Belgium Purchases ViewRay’s MRIdian Linac

Date: Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Aartselaar, November 4, 2020

De Ceunynck RadioTherapy announced today that Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussels (UZB) has purchased a MRIdian Linac MRI-Guided Radiotherapy System, a cutting-edge radiation therapy device that combines the latest innovations in precision radiation delivery and ground-breaking MR-guidance. This makes UZB one of the first 50 radiotherapy centres in the world to use this technology for the most complex indications.

UZB Hospital has a long history of leading the introduction of new and groundbreaking technologies to the Belgian radiation therapy market. “Even in these difficult times we stand strong to our mission to offer the best technologies to our cancer patients”, said Prof. Dr. M. Noppen, Chief Executive Officer of UZB.

“We believe adding MRIdian to our portfolio of cancer treatments will expand the population of patients we can treat. Through the use of MRI-guidance and on-table adaptive capabilities, we can improve the accuracy with which we deliver radiation, deliver high-doses than previously feasible, and reach tumors that were otherwise unreachable,” said Prof. Dr. M. De Ridder, head of radiation Oncology at UZB. “We look forward to collaborating with De Ceunynck RadioTherapy and ViewRay to support future technology development and advance the practice of MRI-guided radiation therapy.”

Unlike conventional radiation therapy systems, MRIdian combines an MRI system with a radiation therapy system. Together with other technical innovations, this offers advantages for the delivery of safe and effective radiotherapy, including the ability to see the tumor and surrounding tissue during treatment, adaptation of the therapy in response to changes in patient anatomy and tumor size between treatments, continuous tracking of the tumor during treatment, and automatic pausing of the radiation if the tumor moves outside of the boundary. As a result, the system delivers ablative, high-dose radiation to the tumor while protecting the surrounding healthy tissue from damage.

As a distributor and partner of ViewRay, De Ceunynck Radiotherapy is proud of the collaboration with UZB. This far-reaching collaboration will accelerate technological developments and further introduction of this breakthrough technology in Belgium, with the aim that more and more patients will have access to this technology.

The necessary renovation of the radiation bunker has already started and the aim is to be able to treat the first patients with the MRIdian Linac in the spring of 2021. This makes the UZB the first hospital in Belgium and the second in the Benelux to apply MR-controlled radiotherapy: a first for Belgium.

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