IQM: AZ Turnhout verifies treatment accuracy in real-time

Date: Tuesday, 12 July 2022

The AZ (Algemeen Ziekenhuis) Turnhout is the first hospital in Belgium to provide a new level of patient safety for its cancer patients by investing in the IQM System. The two state-of-the-art Elekta Versa HD linear accelerators installed at the Radiotherapy Department at AZ Turnhout allow the clinical staff to treat complex tumors with submillimeter accuracy. High radiation dose is delivered to the tumor target while minimizing dose to surrounding tissue.

With IQM the Medical Physics team at AZ Turnhout ensures that this high radiation dose is delivered exactly as prescribed by the Radiation Oncologist. At every step of the treatment delivery process. In real-time. During the patient treatment. When it matters most.

IQM verifies the correct treatment delivery at every single control point. Dose, energy, field size, field shape, beam position, gantry angle are all verified in real-time with unrivaled accuracy. For every complex treatment technique. During every single treatment fraction. Automatically and without any user interaction.

Sally Gysbrechts, Head of Medical Physics at AZ Turnhout confirms: “With IQM we have full control over our treatment machines while conserving physics time.”

Quality Assurance is now an integral part of the clinical treatment planning and delivery processes at AZ Turnhout. State-of-the-art cancer treatment is delivered with utmost accuracy and highest confidence. For the best possible care of their patients.

For more information about real-time verification with IQM please contact us.