Other CT Compatible Devices and Accessories

Qfix’s comprehensive portfolio of CT compatible treatment devices support radiation therapy planning to fit the specific needs of your RT department. Our devices enable excellent image quality to support accurate treatment planning.

CT Compatible Devices

RT-4535BOS BoS Headframe_1 - other CT compat devices.png

Alta™ Multipurpose Device (RT-4800-01)

Encompass™ SRS Standalone Device (RT-4600-01)

Access™ Supine Breast & Lung Device (RT-4546)

Access™ Supine Breast Device (RT-4546-01)

Access™ Supine Breast & Lung Device without Grid (RT-4546-02)

Portrait™ Intracranial Head and Neck Device (RT-4552)

kVue™ AccuFix™ Head & Neck Standalone Device (RT-4525L)

DoseMax™ Standalone Device (RT-4588-01)

BoS™ Headframe (RT-4535BOS)

Access™ Prone G2 Breast Device (RT-4544-01)

Couch Top Accessories

Locating Bar (RT-4551BAR)

Sliding Locating Bar (RT-4551BAR-01)

Calypso® Compatible Locating Bar (RT-4551BAR-02)

QA Locating Bar (RT-4551BAR-03)

Elekta Compatible Locating Bar (RT-4551BAR-04)

MR Safe Locating Bar (RT-4551BARMRI)

kVue™ Insert Docking Plate (RT-4550KVQ)

Qfix Couch Top Service Panel (RT-4551SRV)

SofTouch™ Couch Top Pads (RT-4488-01, RT-4488-02, RT-4488-03, RT-4488-04)