Encompass™ SRS Immobilization System

The Encompass™ SRS Immobilization System is a highly rigid, non-invasive immobilization device designed for precisely targeted treatment to the brain and head & neck.

Different Encompass™ devices

All devices have an innovative Integrated Shim System™ which provides a 4 mm range of height adjustment utilizing discrete 0.5 mm increments to optimize immobilization.

Encompass™ SRS Standalone Device [RT-4600-01]

Encompass™ SRS MR Standalone Device [RT-4600-01-MRI]

Encompass™ SRS Standalone Device compatible with Elekta® HexaPODTM [RT-4600-02]

kVue™ Encompass™ SRS Insert [RT-4600KV-01]

SRS Adapter for Portrait™ & S-Type Devices

The SRS Adapter is a non-invasive solution that enables sub-millimetric positioning for Stereotactic Radiosurgery treatments on the Portrait™ and S-type devices. The system reduces motion, allowing for maximum dose to the tumor while minimizing radiation delivered to the surrounding healthy tissue.

Clinical Advantages: * Enables treatment of SRS and multiple lesions with a single isocenter when combined with Encompass™ SRS Fibreplast® Masks * Accommodates a variety of SRS headrests and cushion supports for a fully customizable setup * Easy to setup and can help to minimize procedure time and cost

SRS Adapter (includes headrests)[RT-4600-03]

Portrait™ Intracranial, Head & Neck Device easily converts to perform SRS treatments with the SRS Adapter [RT-4552]

MR SRS Adapter[RT-4600-03-MRI]

Portrait™ MR Intracranial, Head & Neck Device [RT-4552MRI]

SRS Headrests

Encompass™ SRS Fibreplast System with Optional IntegraBite [RT-B889KYCF2]

E0 SRS Headrest (Included with SRS Adapter) [T-4600-10]

E2 SRS Headrest (Included with SRS Adapter) [RT-4600-12]

E4 SRS Headrest (Included with SRS Adapter) [RT-4600-14]

SRS Cushion Support

Encompass™ SRS Anterior Only Fibreplast Mask to be used with SRS Cushion Support (Includes MOLDCARE U Head Cushion, 20 cm x 35 cm) [RT-B889KYCF2A]

SRS Cushion Support [RT-4600-20]