MRI Solutions

The implementation of MR to radiation therapy is driven by the enhanced soft tissue contrast MRI offers for treatment planning when compared with images acquired with CT scanners. MRI offers excellent soft-tissue contrast without dose, making it ideal for tumor definition, visualization of lesions, and target delineation compared with CT planning alone.

Overview MRI compatible devices

Qfix® MRI patient positioning solutions help make high quality MR in RT possible. To help ensure accurate and reproducible patient positioning, Patients can be immobilized with thermoplastic masks and other MR compatible devices to support SRS, SBRT, breast and other treatments. The Qfix® MRI suite of patient positioning solutions are imaging and treatment compatible which assures that imaging is performed in exactly the same position as for simulation and treatment, supporting geometric accuracy.

Encompass™ SRS MR Immobilization Device (RT-4600-01-MRI)

AccuFix™ MR Head & Neck Device (RT-4525LMRI)

Portrait™ MR Intracranial, Head & Neck Device (RT-4552MRI)

Alta™ Multipurpose Device (RT-4800-01)

FlexLock™ Foot Support (RT-4800-FS)

FlexLock™ Knee Support (RT-4800-KS)

Leg & Foot Strap Assembly, Set of 2 (RT-4489STRAP)

MR SRS Adapter (RT-4600-03-MRI)

BoS™ MR Headframe (RT-4535BOSMRI)

Access™ Supine MR Breast & Lung (RT-4546MRI)

ArmShuttle™ Elite (RT-4546C)

Access™ Prone G2 Breast Device (RT-4544-01)

INSIGHT™ Overlay (RT-4700-01)

NSIGHT™ MR Head Coil Holders (RT-4700-02)

INSIGHT™ MR Body Coil Holders (RT-4700-03)

INSIGHT™ MR Package (includes: Overlay, Head Coil Holders & Boy Coil Holders) (RT-4700-10)

SofTouch™ Elite Bellyboard (RT-4464-02)