Symphony - Patient Transfer Solution

Position your patient once and go from one modality to the next without having to perform additional setups.

A Symphony solution combines an AirShuttle positioning & transfer device with an AirDrive system to provide smooth patient transfers for imaging and treatment applications. AirShuttles and AirDrives can be used in imaging modalities including CT, X-Ray, ultrasound, fluoroscopy, MRI (up to 3 Tesla), and radiation therapy treatment environments including brachytherapy.

  • Safely transfer your patient with minimal clinical staff
  • Transfer on and off a wide variety of surfaces including sheet-covered pads and mattresses • Patient positioning can include immobilization, where required
  • Suitable for use in MRI


AirShuttle positioning & transfer devices are available for numerous therapeutic applications and are compatible with a wide variety of existing patient positioning and immobilization accessories (when required). Low attenuation and excellent homogeneity results in superior imaging, simulation, and treatment.

Brachytherapy and Lithotomy

Lithotomy solution accommodates blade mounted stirrups for improved treatment site access.

External Beam: Photon and Proton

Alta is a feature-rich, all-in-one solution that adapts to a variety of clinical setups on a single devices

Slate offers a customizable platform for your imaging and treatment needs

BoS positions your patient for head and neck imaging and proton treatment

Lithotomy AirShuttle

Alta™ AirShuttle

Slate AirShuttle

BoS™ AirShuttle


The AirDrive™ trolley offers the ergonomic design and durability to seamlessly transport a patient when used in combination with AirShuttle™ transfer devices. It offers height adjustability and swinging rails, along with safety features designed with the patient in mind.

Position your patient once and go from one modality to the next without having to preform additional setups.

AirDrive Caddie provides optimum transfer performance in a small package. It can be used with most commercially available trolleys and stretchers.

AirDrive Caddie

AirDrive Trolley